2 East Meadow HS Students Rewrite History


Two students from the East Meadow High School Graduating Class of 1965 turn back time in Once Upon Our Times, an upcoming memoir/historical book about Long Island's baby boomers

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Cookie Horowitz and Sharon Sultan barely knew each other 50 years ago, but now are co-authors of Once Upon Our Times, an upcoming book about growing up East Meadow (and Long Island) in the late 1940s (when East Meadow was transforming from potato fields to homes) through the personal and historical moments of the 1950s,'60s, '70s, '80s, '90s and straight through to the 21st century.

Sultan used social media website Facebook to introduce the book's concept. Within 10 minutes students from the class of 1965 signed on that they were interested in sharing experiences and feelings about family, education, relationships, friendships, careers, marriages and growing up and older. The theme about the history of 778 East Meadow High School students graduating in 1965 grew into a combination of personal memoirs and vignettes to serious discussions on everything from Viet Nam to Hippies to the political scene today.

Students of all ages and high schools are encouraged to write the authors stories about their school and life experiences. Contact Sharon Sultan (Cutler) at


and sign their Facebook Community Page as well as visit