Bridal Shower Gifts That the Couple Will Love

Attending a bridal shower soon and are uncertain on what to get the couple? Take a look at these ideas to help you decide on the perfect gift!

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Bridal showers are a wonderful opportunity for the bride and groom to receive gifts that they not only want, but gifts that they need as well. Most couples that are about to tie the knot are also living together or planning on making the big move right before or after their wedding. This leaves a lot of great gift ideas in the air because they will need some essentials for their home. 
When choosing a gift for the couple, think about what hobbies they enjoy and what they like to do in their spare time. This can help you a lot when it comes to thinking of a great gift. If you’re still not sure, take a look at these helpful suggestions that they will surely appreciate! 
Spa Weekend /Getaway 
No matter what your friends are into, they will absolutely enjoy a spa weekend. Whether it’s right around the corner from home or a short road trip away, it will help them relax a bit before the big day! If a weekend getaway is too pricey, ask a couple other friends to help you split the cost. This may help your friends as well if they too are undecided on what to get the couple. 
For the Home 
Home items are always needed, and we sometimes don’t realize what we need until we go to get it and it isn’t there! It’s always a great idea to stock up on things as well, this way when you run out, it’s already there ready to be used! Put together a basket filled with all the essentials that new homebuyers will need. Great items to purchase are pots and pans, utensils, spatulas, hand towels, soaps, wine glasses, glassware and a nice set of dishes. Even if the couple has a home already, they will still appreciate having all these necessities on hand that they didn’t have to buy!
Something Personalized
What better way to add your own touch on things than to personalize it? Nowadays you can pretty much personalize anything, so think of something your friends would enjoy and put your own personal stamp on it. You can engrave a sweet friend quote or a loving gift with the bride and groom’s name on it. They will keep the gift for years to come and will always be reminded of a wonderful part of their lives! Some examples of great personalized gifts include: ornaments for their first Christmas together, wine glasses for when they’ve had a long day, an apron for the chef, or a beautiful sign that they can hang up as decor! 
Homemade Goods
If you’re the crafty type who likes to make things on your own, put together a basket of homemade goods that will really have your personal touch on them! If you’re into baking, throw in some delicious cookies and treats for the couple to enjoy while they open all their gifts. 
Date Night Kit
Couples sometimes have too much going on to remember to make plans for a fun date night. Help them out a bit by putting together a date night kit that they can run to when the night is just starting but they’re unsure what to do. The kit can have ideas inside such as a movie night, dinner out on the town or a simple night in by the fire. Complete the kit with goodies so if the couple decides to stay in, they won’t have to leave the house for snacks! 
Hopefully these ideas can help with the perfect bridal shower gift for your friends. Remember, most couples sign up for a registry as well, check theirs out if you’re really stuck and can’t think of anything to get. This way you’re purchasing something you know they want! 
Have a bridal shower gift idea you would to share with us? Comment below!