Don't Let the Cold Get the Best of You! Tips for Staying Safe and Warm this Winter

The winter season can be hazardous, stay safe with these tips.

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The holidays are over, but winter is just beginning. While that means we still have a chance to enjoy some snow and the other great parts of winter weather, it also means we have to avoid the dangers that come along with the cold season.
Here are some tips on staying safe and warm while you are out and about this winter:
Dress Warm
It is always better to be prepared when going outside in the winter. Remember that you can always shed layers if you are too hot. But don’t forget warm boots, gloves and a warm hat as well.
If you are going outside with babies or children, remember that they require one extra layer of clothing than adults.
Avoid Frostbite and Hypothermia
This goes along with dressing warm, but it is very important to be able to recognize both of these early on to avoid any serious issue.
Frostbite can be recognized when skin becomes, pale, gray or blistered. Anyone who thinks they may be getting frostbite should immediately go inside and put the effected area under warm water.
Hypothermia can be much more serious, with people suffering from weakness, loss of coordination, uncontrollable shivering and slowed breathing. If there is any indication of hypothermia, the person should be brought inside and covered with warm blankets. Contact 911 immediately.
Drive Safe
The roads can be the most dangerous part of winter. If you are inexperienced driving in snow or on ice, you should avoid the roads if possible.
Remember to clear all of the snow off of your car. Snow can blow off of your car while driving, causing a serious hazard for other drivers.
Keep your speed down during winter conditions, and avoid driving any car that is not equipped to handle the snow. Remember to warm up your engine before driving in winter and to stay safe while shoveling your driveway.
Sledding Safety
There are plenty of ways to enjoy the winter weather, but remember that sledding can be a dangerous activity if you don’t take the proper precautions.
Check out our sledding safety page for safety tips.
Keep Pets Safe
Our furry friends love the snow just as much as we do. If you’re taking your pet outside during the winter, remember to keep them safe and warm. Take a look at our recent article on keeping your pets warm during winter.
Image by ColinBroug via Free Images