Statement From Governor Andrew M. Cuomo on Third Anniversary of Hurricane Irene

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Governor Cuomo has issued the following statement.

Albany, NY - August 28, 2014 - “Three years ago today, Hurricane Irene turned the lives of many New Yorkers upside down. In addition to the tragic deaths that it caused, this supposedly once-in-a-lifetime storm flooded or washed away homes, damaged businesses upstate and compromised our infrastructure unlike anything we had experienced before. Despite the destruction, Hurricane Irene also had a silver lining – it brought out the best in New Yorkers and drove us to build back better.
“In the days that followed the storm, people came together from down the block and across the state to volunteer and help those who were impacted. Since then we have also begun to train residents to be their own first responder in an emergency, and we are investing billions of dollars in projects to make our communities safer and more resilient for when the next storm hits. As terrible as Hurricane Irene was, we have become a stronger state because of it, and we will continue doing everything we can to be prepared for whatever the future brings.”
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