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Tips for Planning a Fun Yet Safe High School Graduation Party

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It’s time to celebrate your grad’s accomplishments this summer with a fun, yet safe, graduation party.

Graduation party season is almost upon us and what could be better than throwing a delightful bash to celebrate the achievements of your grad and their peers. Graduation parties provide a great opportunity for graduates to have some fun together before everyone starts heading off to their next adventure. Family members also get the opportunity to show their pride and support, and maybe even dish out a little graduation money to help the grads on their way. There’s sure to be plenty of laughter (and tears!) but mostly lots of fun, and done in a safe manner so everyone, parents included, can rest easy, relax, and enjoy the party.

So before you start writing up and sending out those invitations it’s important to establish what kind of graduation party you want to throw. From the guests, to the cake, to the decorations, a lot of time, money and planning can go into throwing a fun bash for your grad. Here are a few things to consider before the festivities begin.

Location: Some people may prefer a barbeque style party at their home but others prefer using a venue to host their graduation party. If you’re doing it on your own at home you should be conscious of the extra work that will be going into the party, like cooking, setting everything up, and cleaning up at the end. A venue is nice, though can be expensive, and especially so if you’d prefer to relax and let the venue take on most of the workload.

Budget: For your graduate the budget is probably the last thing on their mind of things to consider for the party. This is why you must establish a budget and stick to it. Your grad may try to sneak a few more things into the shopping cart before party shopping is up but stand firm and remind them that it’s not a free-for-all; you’re working with a budget.

Guests: Guest lists are necessary when planning a graduation party. Depending on the number of guests you may need to reconsider the location and venue options. You can be sure that your grad will forget a few people, or add a couple as the party nears closer, so it’s best to make sure you have a little wiggle room when it comes to the guest list.

Weather: Weather is especially important to keep in mind when planning a graduation party. If the venue is outside, or you’re having the party in your own backyard, be sure you have a tent rental available so the party can go on rain or shine. Make sure everything is secured too, tent, food, chairs, etc. so in case of inclement weather things don’t become a hazard and start flying about.

Alcohol: When it comes to your alcohol policy be upfront with your grad. Let them know that since they and their friends are underage, and you want the party to be as safe of an environment as possible, the behavior will not be tolerated. You may also want to consider making up some fun, yummy virgin cocktails for the underage teens to enjoy. Come up with your own crazy names for the drinks too!

Now that you know the basics, get out there and start planning!

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