History: Early 20th Century Photo of Gathering Hay in Amagansett


We dug into the archives to find this great historical picture.

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Photo: East Hampton Library, Long Island Collection.

This image shows Emil Gardell and Arnold Eichhorn gathering hay on Indian Wells Highway in Amagansett. It is not clear which man is which. The younger man stands on top of a large pile of hay on top of a horse drawn cart. The older man holds a pitchfork and stands on the ground near the cart. A black and white dog watches the proceedings. The date of the photo is unverified but estimated to have been taken some time between 1930 and 1950.


This photograph is part of the collection of the Carleton Kelsey Collection of the Amagansett Historical Association. Kelsey was a local historian and librarian who collected photographs from others to add  to the many photographs he took of the community himself.