Two William Floyd Elementary Students Win Shanti Fund Art Contest

Two students have been selected as the overall winners for the Shanti Fund’s “Peace Artworks” contest.

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William Floyd Elementary School art teacher Linda Francis and Principal Dr. Keith Fasciana are pictured with Sofia Nicosia (left) and Madison Johnson.

Photo by: William Floyd School District

Shirley, NY - December 14, 2017 - Two William Floyd Elementary School students – first grader Sofia Nicosia and third grader Madison Johnson – from Mrs. Linda Francis’s art classes have been selected as the overall winners for their grade levels in the Shanti Fund’s “Peace Artworks” contest! For their efforts, Sofia and Madison will have their projects published in the 2018 Shanti Fund 12th Anniversary Peace Calendar, and receive a monetary prized based on their grade levels - $101 for first grade and $301 for third grade, respectively.
“This year’s theme for the Shanti Peace and Unity Poster Contest was ‘Peace on the Planet,’” said Mrs. Francis. “Students drew images and ideas that represented what ‘Peace on the Planet’ meant to them. Symbols are a wonderful way for students to communicate different feelings and emotions of peace such as rainbows, hearts, the earth and doves. Congratulations to these young and talented artists.”
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