How Dime Does Things Differently: Residential Mortgages

For Dime, it was imperative to find professional, experienced team members who know every part of the lending cycle, inside and out.

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Nancy Tomich, Senior Vice President of Residential Lending at Dime Community Bank.

Photo by: Dime Community Bank

Long Island, NY - October 23, 2018 - You might have noticed that Dime Community Bank, the oldest bank in Brooklyn, is getting back in the residential mortgage business. With stiff competition in the market — not to mention one of the most complex and mercurial markets in the world — Dime needed to do something different to set itself apart from the rest. 
And Dime has always been good at doing things different. 
They turned to residential expert Nancy Tomich to build a team and create a department that would take residential mortgages to the next level. With nearly 30 years of experience at some of the most notable financial institutions in New York, Nancy is more than able to take on the mantle of Senior Vice President of Residential Lending at Dime Community Bank and change the way New York buys homes. 
So how does Dime do things differently when it comes to residential mortgages? Nancy started by curating a team of highly knowledgeable mortgage experts, streamlined the home buying process with technology and modern procedures, and — most importantly — created a “Platinum Service” policy that will ensure every customer experiences the very best Dime has to offer. 
A brilliant team
Most banks and lenders tout their well-informed teams, but not many can really prove it when it comes down to it. So for Nancy and Dime, it was imperative to find professional, experienced team members who knew every part of the lending cycle, inside and out. And they wanted to find people who had developed a real love for helping others achieve their greatest dream of purchasing a home. Great service is a hallmark of every part of Dime’s history. 
Whatever the property — from co-ops and condos to investment properties and more — the team at Dime works nimbly and side-by-side with one another to ensure the best outcomes for their clients. And whatever the budget — from low and moderate borrowers to jumbo buyers — each person who comes to Dime will be treated with the respect and dedication they deserve. It is the job of the Dime team to create the smoothest possible transaction possible, and they do just that for every client. 
Modern service
If you’ve ever bought a property before, you know how complicated and complex it can be. So for Dime, streamlining and modernizing the process was essential. Cutting through the red tape and complications was one of the first things Nancy and Dime took care of. 
Nancy and her team compete with other big lenders in the market by maintaining a “boutique lending operation.” Since her team has so much experience working with the larger lenders, they have first hand knowledge of the the bumps and pitfalls that can happen with big firms. That’s why they tailored their process to avoid those kinds of issues that can slow down a closing, and confuse customers. Faster closing and better technology goes a long way and makes a remarkable difference for Dime’s customers. 
Dime has the ability to accommodate all kinds of customers. From accepting e-signatures and online portals to in-person meetings to mailing documents — Dime handles it all with ease. Whatever makes the customer happy, Dime is more than willing to do. 
A platinum level service
The most important part of Nancy and Dime’s plan for residential mortgages is to make the customer experience as pleasant as possible. That’s why they created platinum-level service. 
This new kind of service provides prompt and thorough communication at each step of the house buying process so each customer knows exactly what is happening and when. Customers not only communicate with their senior mortgage advisor, but are also introduced to and communicate with the VP of Residential Lending. It’s part of platinum-level service at Dime to ensure that every customer receives a reply to their calls and emails within just 2 hours, if not right away. This way every client — whether buying their first home or their fifth — can feel secure at every step.
And if a customer needs advice? Nancy and the Dime team are there to provide it. The team has extensive experience assisting first time homebuyers through the process, and their patient manner ensures fewer hiccups along the way than with other residential mortgage lenders. And for those with more experience with New York’s real estate market? Dime’s team provides the quick and reliable communication they need and trust. 
Dime does things differently
So if fast closings, quick answers, prompt and caring service, and professional experts aren’t enough reasons to consider Dime for your residential mortgage, then Dime’s long history of success should be. United under Nancy’s vision, the residential mortgage team is committed to Dime’s most important philosophies — especially ensuring that each and every customer is treated like family. 
If you’re in the market for a residential mortgage lender, or want to chat with Nancy Tomich or a member of her team, contact us today