How to Be an Excellent Gift Giver this Holiday

Put an end to thoughtless holiday presents, become an excellent gift giver with a few simple tips!

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It’s the thought that counts when it comes to gifts, but wouldn’t it be nice to also give a gift that the recipient can genuinely make use of?

Don’t be the gift-giver that buys 10 of the same coffee mugs, so when it comes time to unwrap presents everyone is receiving the same gift as the person next to them. Even if you have no idea what the person may like or can use, there are tips to help figure it out. Also look into ways to add some personalization to the gift.

Christmas is only a few days away, so it’s time to get moving with finding that gift that will leave the recipient thankful, happy and thinking, “You’re such an excellent gift giver!”

Tips to Finding the Right Gift

  • Listen for Hints
    People don’t always outright say what they want, but if you take time to listen carefully, you’re bound to come up with a few good ideas on what to get. Even comments like “My morning doesn’t get going without coffee” provides a clue to what may be a good holiday gift for that person.

  • Personalize it.
    If the gift can be personalized, that will add to the message that you put thought into selecting the gift. Engraving and embossing are inexpensive. Embroidering is also another way to personalize gifts. Personalize it with their name, initials or even a special message or inside joke.

  • Give the gift of experience.
    For some people, they get more joy out of experience than material gifts. Think about what the person enjoys and your gift can be an outing together to the ice skating rink, a sports game or to watch a show.

  • Give something edible.
    Usually you can never go wrong with edible gifts. You can find nicely packaged gift items running from chocolate, cookies, and fruits to nuts.

  • Presentation counts.
    Part of the joy to receiving a gift is the unwrapping of it or the thrill of waiting to find out what the gift is (if the present is an experience). It doesn’t need special wrapping paper, but do keep the present a surprise for the recipient to unveil.

  • Add a hand-written note.
    Add a meaningful note on why you may have selected this present or how you think the recipient can make use the gift. It adds to the message that you put thought into the process.

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