Puzzle Break Long Island Unveils Exciting New Concept- “Mobile” Escape Game Brings the Excitement to You


Puzzle Break innovates the industry by taking the escape room concept and bringing it to you.

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Escape the Midnight Carnival.

Photo by: Puzzle Break

When it comes to experiencing an intellectual thrill, it's hard to beat the concept of an escape room. Locked inside a room, you and your team race against the clock, deciphering clues and puzzles with one goal in mind… to escape! Escape rooms provide a fun and intense experience that few other forms of entertainment can hope to match.
Normally, to enjoy an escape room, you and your teammates have to travel to an escape destination. This is where Puzzle Break offers something that is truly unique. Located in Syosset, Puzzle Break Long Island is transforming traditional escape rooms with their NEW mobile game that’s brought straight to your door.  
Puzzle Break innovates the industry by taking the escape room concept and making it mobile. Now you can enjoy the unique combination of intelligence and fun wherever you want! Whether it be at a party, your school, a corporate event, or anywhere else, escape rooms can be enjoyed everywhere. 
The Grimm Escape. Photo Credit: Puzzle Break
Justin Williams, COO of the East Coast Puzzle Break locations, notes that the concept of the mobile escape room can provide an easy way for friends or co-workers to gather together and participate in a fun, brain-teasing event without having to worry about how they're going to get there — instead, Puzzle Break brings the adventure to them.
“By removing the travel aspect and bringing the game to you on your schedule, we are making it easier than ever to enjoy this fun-filled activity,” Williams states. “We can make it a part of your work day as a team-building event or make the birthday party in your own home extra special. The process is easy, takes only about 45 minutes to set up and 45 minutes to break down. We come to your conference room or party, set things up to make it feel like an escape room, and our team of expert game hosts run the game for you in any location you desire. All you need is a group of people willing to pool their collective brainpower into solving a mystery and have a good time while doing so.”
Williams goes on to say that, so far, the idea of the mobile escape game has proven to be quite popular. “We’ve already played in school auditoriums with hundreds of students…and while our minimum is 25, there’s no limit to how many players can participate. We’ve had more than 500 players at once,” he states. “And even though we're not in our escape room location, we are still able to generate the exciting atmosphere through the use of our props, sound effects, and so much more.” 
Puzzle Break Mobile Escape Games offer two distinct themes for you and your party to enjoy The Grimm Escape and the all-new Hollywoodland Murder Mystery.

One of Puzzle Break's festive party rooms. Photo Credit: Puzzle Break
From word of mouth and tons of positive reviews from happy players, it’s clear that Puzzle Break’s NEW mobile escape game is proving to be both a fascinating and exciting experience for all! 
If you want a more traditional escape room experience, Puzzle Break has three physical locations on the east coast— Syosset, NY, Rego Park, NY, and Newton Centre, MA. Each of which offers three to four distinct escape games — Escape the Midnight Carnival, Escape the Lost Temple, Escape from 20,000 Leagues, and The Grimm Escape. Each of these locations offer numerous party and team-building packages for people of all ages, ranging from playing a single game with a few friends to an all-day retreat with food and beverages.
To find out more, please visit puzzlebreakli.com.