Fair Media Council Unveils Manifesto


The Fair Media Council believes the power of news is an awesome force.

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Photo by: Fair Media Council

Long Island, NY - August 8, 2017 - News has the ability to inform, connect and inspire. It can open minds. Bring tears to the eyes. At times, it can melt even the hardest of hearts.
Yet, just as easily, news can be divisive. It can create biases. Perpetuate stereotypes. Close minds. And give birth to hatred.
We now live in an age where, if you don’t know how to use news, the news will most certainly use you.
That power — that awesome power — is why today, with technologies converging and the continuous introduction of new methods of communication, it’s vital to have the media savvy skills to navigate the media landscape. Trustworthy news now appears side-by-side with the work of purveyors of fake news, citizen journalists, cyber bullies, and sponsored content. Adults and children are struggling to make sense of something that changes far too rapidly to be adequately taught in school systems.
Luckily, that’s where the Fair Media Council enters the picture.
Fair Media Council Beliefs
  • FMC believes a market needs a variety of news outlets to best serve the public interest by providing a diverse array of stories, sources and opinions
  • FMC believes the public has a right to know what’s happening in their backyards, the region, the country and the world. Quality news provides such coverage.
  • FMC believes news media must be engaged in the communities it serves to produce content relevant to those communities
  • FMC believes in fostering open dialogue between the public and the media, for the furtherance of understanding and mutual respect
  • FMC believes Net Neutrality is necessary to provide an Internet that is open and accessible to all
  • FMC believes freedom of speech and of the press brings with it great responsibility to be truthful, accurate and responsible, in order to protect and sustain such freedoms
  • FMC believes quality news creates an informed electorate and a strong democracy
A 501c3 nonprofit unlike any in the country, FMC works to demystify news for the consumer of news. We work with the who’s who in news and media, and invite only the best in the industry who demonstrate commitment to public service to speak at FMC events.
Understanding how news works, what happens behind the scenes and knowing the people who make the decisions of what’s on the air, in print and online provides real-time education, via open dialogue between the media and the public. Relationships are forged, and insight is gained.
FMC’s work provides new avenues for opportunity, gives businesses the competitive edge, helps communities remain vibrant, and assists people in living their best lives by accessing the information they need to make smart choices.
As one of the oldest and most successful media watchdog organizations in the country, FMC advocates for a variety of news outlets in a region, so the public is exposed to a variety of sources, opinions and stories — and has the information they need to make up their own minds. We push for coverage of the issues that matter to the community, and provide the added incentive to news outlets to be recognized for outstanding work.
An educated news consumer becomes, in effect, his or her own media watchdog. That’s important, because we now live in an age where, if you don’t know how to use news, the news will most certainly use you.
This is the work of the Fair Media Council, and our vision for the future is of media savvy children growing up to become world-class citizens, working in thriving businesses and living in vibrant communities.