No Bull: Police Still Looking For Escaped Bull in Mastic

Spotted overnight in a wooded area.

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Photo: SCPD.

Suffolk County Police confirmed this afternoon that the Mastic bull is still on the loose.


“We can confirm the bull was spotted overnight in a wooded area and police are conducting patrols for the bull,” the SCPD said in a statement.


Yesterday, around  8:20am, police received multiple reports of a bull running loose in Mastic and Shirley. The approximately 1,500 pound bull escaped from a farm, located at 136 Barnes Road in Manorville after breaking through a fence.


Parts of Sunrise Highway were shut down at one point during the search.


A fundraiser to find the bull a forever home once it is caught has already raised over $1,500 online, according to a report.


The Mastic bull has already inspired a bunch of memes on facebook. On being a “marked safe from Mastic bull” post and others comparing the Mastic bull to the famed Smithtown bull.


Photo: Facebook.


We will update this story as more information becomes available.