Yērōs Greek Restaurant Opens in Saint James


Serving up authentic Greek dishes.

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Photo: Yērōs Facebook page.

Long Island is not exactly a desert of Greek restaurants. The traditional diners that are so ubiquitous here all usually have a greek specialty section, and many are very good (we recommend the Chicken Souvlaki at Heritage Diner in Mount Sinai.)


Authentic Greek food is not so easy to pin down. Yērōs in Saint James recently opened and their claim to fame is their authentic Greek fare.


Their menu features all that you’d expect from a Greek restaurant like souvlakis, platters, and salads. They also have some great grilled dishes including grilled octopus, with char-broiled, herbs and lemon-olive oil blend ($14.95), grilled vegetables, made with eggplant, zucchini, portobello mushroom, and Greek balsamic glaze ($7.95), a feta kebab, with feta-stuffed lamb and beef sausage ($8.95), a baby lamb chops, made with salt, pepper, oregano, and fresh lemon juice (Market Price), and more.


On Yelp, user Onetwo 4, from Sound Beach, loved Yērōs and gave it four stars.


“Delicious food,” Onetwo 4 wrote. “Very authentic! Reminds us of the dinners we had in Greece!”


Bill S.said it is “the best Greek food being served in the area.”


Tori V, from Hauppauge, thought their online ordering was seamless and very user friendly.


“The food was great - all of the produce- lettuce, tomatoes, etc was very fresh,” she wrote. “The portions were great, not too big and not too small. Can't wait to order again!”


Location: 429 Rte 25A, Saint James, (631) 980-9376.