Suffolk County SPCA: Hurricane Preparedness Guidelines for Your Pets

The Suffolk County SPCA wishes to remind everyone that Hurricane Season officially begins June 1st.

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Photo by: Suffolk County SPCA

Suffolk County, NY - June 1, 2015 - The Suffolk County SPCA wishes to remind everyone that Hurricane Season officially begins June 1st.  Over the last four years, we have provided Pet-Friendly Shelters during disasters for those unfortunate residents who have had to evacuate their homes and leave all of their possessions behind.  Luckily, we had a place for them to bring their other family members, their pets, for safe haven.  Evacuees were able to stay in the same building as their pets and see them, care for them, and comfort them.  We were told by many of the evacuees that they don't know what they would have done if it wasn't for the Suffolk County SPCA's Pet-Friendly Shelters.  Their stress level was greatly reduced by being able to stay with their pets.

Working with Suffolk County CERT Teams, the Suffolk County SPCA had 4 Pet-Friendly Shelters open during Superstorm Sandy and 2 shelters open during Tropical Storm Irene.  CERT members stayed with the people in one part of the building and SPCA personnel were with the pets in another part of the same building.  During each storm and at each location, the operation ran flawlessly for the pets and their people.  The hugs, tears, and thank you's made all the hard work worth it when the storms subsided.

Hopefully, it won't be needed again, however the Suffolk County SPCA stands ready to provide this service to Suffolk County residents should the need arise again in the future.

Help your animal stay safe!  Your pet counts on you.  Have a plan in place.

Prepare for the unexpected.  Be ready to evacuate.  Have essential supplies ready to "grab and go." Know where to find temporary housing for you and your pet.

Make sure that your pet can be identified.  Your pet should always wear his or her ID collar and rabies tag.

In the event that you must evacuate, take care of your pet.  Never leave your pet behind.  He/she may become lost, injured-or worse. 

Have a plan in advance:
Consider friends and relatives outside your local area. 
Check for Pet Friendly Shelters.

Hotels and motels that allow pets. has a listing of pet-friendly options.

Create a pet emergency supply kit.
Pack basic supplies including food, medication, flashlight, food and water bowls, can opener, cage or carrier, extra collar, litter box, plastic trash bags.

Bring important records including recent photo of your with our pet, contact information, microchip information.

Remember, be informed and ready to act in the event of a disaster.