Legislator Tom Muratore Reminds Community to Shovel Out Fire Hydrants After Heavy Snowfall


The snow may be slowly melting, but many hydrants are still covered.

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Selden, NY - February 21, 2014 - Legislator Tom Muratore (R-Ronkonkoma) is asking all residents, businesses, schools and other municipalities to please help maintain public safety by shoveling out fire hydrants covered in snow. According to a representative from a local fire department, it is the responsibility of the owner of a property adjacent to a hydrant to shovel and clear any obstruction following a heavy storm to maintain the hydrant’s visibility. 
“This winter has been brutal so far, and won’t be over for several weeks,” commented Legislator Muratore. “I have had calls from concerned constituents regarding this crucial matter. Let’s help our dedicated volunteer firefighters and other first responders find the hydrants quickly during an emergency. After a storm, please shovel the area around a fire hydrant if it’s in front of your house or building. It’s a simple good neighbor policy, and the precious minutes or even seconds saved could be a matter of life or death.”