Snowed in Activities for the Kiddies

Snow-day activities that will bust boredom and sneak in some invaluable family bonding.

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Say it isn't snow!  Whether you call it Nemo, Blizzmageddon or just a plain old February storm on Long Island.  It is definitely coming. 

The roads are closed, the snow is piled high, and your kids are ready to have a whole day of fun with you. While a snow day can initially seem splendid, it quickly loses its romance after you and your little ones have made your snowman, staved off frostbite, and are already stir-crazy before lunch. By having a list of snow-day activities in your mommy toolbox, you’ll bust boredom and sneak in some invaluable bonding.

  • Baking - Pull out the cookie cutters, baking sheets, bowls, wooden spoons, measuring cups, rolling pins and frosting. Baking is a fun way to help your kids practice following directions and measuring. If you have all the ingredients, make a snowman-shaped pizza for dinner; let each child put the toppings of his choice on a section of the snowman.
  • Movie Marathon - Go through your movie collection with your children and hold a kids' film festival in your family room. A movie marathon isn't complete, however, without an awesome fort. So position a few chairs, get out some big bed sheets for the floor and the fort's roof, and put large pillows and beanbag chairs on the fort's floor. Your kids will love the special movie-watching hangout.
  • Break out the Board Games - Go old school with board games at the kitchen table.
  • Make your Valentines! You’ve got the time – cut out a bunch of hearts and make your own Valentines.
  • Have a photo scavenger hunt. Make a list of things to find and send your kids around the house with your digital camera. The list can have things like white square, a left shoe, the number 3, a photo of mom, etc.
  • Virtual Visit - Skype or FaceTime with a loved one that you miss.
  • Make topic-based collages. Pick a topic – like winter, and then cut pictures and words out of magazines or the newspaper that are related to that topic – things like snow, sleds, hot cocoa, etc.  

    I’d love to hear your ideas for how to entertain yourself and your kids when you are snowed in on's Parenting Forum