Welcoming Autumn 2013! Fun Fall Activities on Long Island


September 22nd is the official start of Fall here on Long Island. Check out our list for welcoming in the Fall season.

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September 22nd marks to beginning of the fall season or the autumnal equinox. Here is a little science: the Earth is on a slant and as the Earth moves around the sun the Northern and Southern Hemisphere experience different seasons. Tomorrow, the Northern Hemisphere (where we live) will be further away from the Sun which means we do not get as much sunlight as we had in summer making it colder. Winter is when we are slanted the furthest away from the sun which makes it the coldest time of year.
Now that it is getting cooler, there are a lot of fun activities that everyone can take part in. Check out our list of fun Fall activities:
  • Apple Picking: One of Long Island’s favorite fall past times. There are plenty of great orchard located on Long Island where you can enjoy a day of apple picking.
  • Pumpkin Picking: This is that time of year to grab a pumpkin to carve and put on your porch. Maybe makes some pumpkin pie and roasted pumpkin seeds after you carve.
  • Raking leaves...and then jumping into them!: This activity is not only for the kids. Make lawn work fun and feel like a kid again.
  • Winery Tours: Go out to one of the many wineries and enjoy an afternoon of tasting some of Long Island’s great locally produced wines.
  • Get into the Halloween Spirit: Fall means that Halloween is coming, so get your scare on haunted houses or a spook walk.
  • Oktoberfest: Oktoberfest is beginning to start its celebration now! This German-based 16 day celebration is celebrated all over the world by many lovers of beer and sausage
  • Watching the Leaves Change at a Local Park: Nothing is more beautiful on Long Island than watching the leaves change from green to orange.
  • Hayrides and Corn Mazes: Why not enjoy the fall foliage on top of some hay, or getting lost in the many corn mazes on the idea? You can probably enjoy some freshly harvested corn after your ride or journey through the corn.
  • Eat some candy corn: For fans of candy who are not big fans of the real thing, it is that time of year that candy corn is at its finest.
  • Start Holiday Shopping: Really? Now? Yes, this is the time of year that we all have to start thinking about holiday shopping. Better earlier than later.
Do you know any fun fall activities to do on Long Island? Comment below with how you welcome the fall!