Islip Town Council Reminds Residents of Town Snow Codes

Islip Town Council Reminds Residents of Town Snow Codes.

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January 29, 2015 - Islip, NY - As Islip Town continues the clean-up process from Winter Storm Juno, that dropped as much as 22 inches of snow in some parts of the Town, the Town Council reminds residents that there are codes in place to address the proper removal of snow and ice, and that these codes MUST be followed to ensure the healthy, safety and welfare of all. Failure to do so, especially during a winter weather emergency, is subject to penalties.
Chapter 47A-17 of the Islip Town Code states that each owner or occupant of any house or other building, any owner of any vacant lot, and any person having charge of a church or any public building in the Town of Islip shall keep sidewalks in front of the lots, buildings or houses, free from obstruction by snow or ice and icy conditions. This code also prohibits depositing snow on any street, whether from driveways and/or sidewalks.  Residents and property owners are required to follow these codes strictly. Those who violate these codes are punishable by fines, and in extreme instances, imprisonment. 
“Our primary goal is always safety, especially during winter weather emergencies.  It is vital that residents ensure they don’t place snow on sidewalks and roadways,” said Islip Town Councilman Anthony Senft, Jr.  
Equally important to note Chapter 47-17 is parking regulations in effect during snow emergencies that require that no motor vehicle be parked on a residential street or parked on any street in a business district. Cars are permitted to be parked on lawns until the snow emergency is over.  Any violations of this code, will be enforced. 
The Emergency Call Center remains open and all snow-related calls should be made to 631-595-3595.  It is always recommended to check the Town’s website at for updates, closures, and important announcements during all weather emergencies, and to enroll in the Town’s informational E-alert program, also available on the website.