Senator Gaughran, AFGE to Donate Food and Supplies to Long Island Cares to Benefit Those Affected by Government Shutdown

Volunteers collecting food, personal care products, household supplies, pet food, and other items.

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(L to R): Paul Pachter, Senator Gaughran, Tim McLaughlin, Gabe Pedreira.

Photo by: Office of Senator Jim Gaughran

Huntington Station, NY - January 25, 2019 - Today Senator Jim Gaughran dropped off donations of food and supplies to Long Island Cares food bank in Huntington Station. Senator Gaughran has been collecting food, personal care products, household supplies, pet food, and other items to benefit federal employees affected by the government shutdown. He was joined by American Federation of Government Employees ‘AFGE’ workers, who today entered their 34th day working without pay, the longest shutdown in United States history.
Senator Gaughran said “The federal shutdown has now lasted more than a month, putting an undue burden on hard working families during a challenging time of year. I’m proud of our efforts to help workers affected by this unprecedented shutdown and encourage workers to continue calling my office for assistance. My deepest appreciation to everyone who has donated.”
Paule Pachter, chief executive of Long Island Cares, said “For people living from paycheck-to paycheck affording basic necessities can prove challenging but, when you’re working without being compensated, or you’ve been furloughed as a result of a government shutdown the challenges to put food on your table or take care of your personal needs including your family pet can turn into a crisis. This is just getting compounded day after day. Every day the government stays shut, another family is being hurt; another community is being hurt."
Gabriel Pedreira, Legislative and Political Organizer District 2 AFGE, said “AFGE thanks Senator Gaughran  for sponsoring this food drive. Federal workers need state and local government to step in and help out while DC remains in paralysis.” 
Assemblyman Charles Lavine said “The Government Shutdown is truly a tragic moment in our country, negatively impacting the lives of many Long Island residents. Although this is a very sad and disappointing time for us all, it brings me great comfort knowing that dozens of community members have contributed so generously to our Food and Supplies Drive in hopes of helping those in need. I sincerely thank you all.”
For folks in need of supplies or for those interested in donating, please contact Senator Gaughran’s office at 516-922-1811.