Helpful Ways to Stick with Your New Year Resolutions

Another year has quickly gone by and it is time to put together that list of New Year Resolutions!

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As we transition into the New Year, we all try to set realistic resolutions for ourselves that we would love to achieve in 2014. Each resolution gives us the possibility to create a life that we truly desire and are proud of.
Distractions will come due to stresses of everyday life, making it easy to put your goals on the backburner and causing you to forget about what you wanted to achieve in the beginning. It’s quite simple to put together a list - the hard part is sticking to it, and seeing your goals through. Here are a couple of helpful ways to attain your resolutions in 2014.
Spread Your Goals Out
Don’t try to accomplish all your resolutions at once - this will just make it more difficult to manage. In the beginning of the year, put together a journal or calendar filled with your desires and tell yourself you will do one goal per month. You can choose a certain day of the month if you feel it will be easier to stick to this way or you can simply do it when you feel most ready that month.
Don’t Underestimate Yourself
A huge part of accomplishing your goals is the attitude you start out with and continue to have during the year. Many people are all for the task when the New Year starts, easily shrugging off their goals a couple of weeks in because they feel they are either unrealistic or unachievable. Your goal may not seem easily attainable to you, but this only means it will feel even more worth it once completed.
Do Something to Inspire Yourself Each Day
To keep it in mind, put a picture of your resolution in your bedroom so you’re forced to look at it every day. This works well if you are trying to be healthier or get into better shape. If you plan on improving your eating habits, leave a picture on your refrigerator so you’re reminded every time you go to munch on a midnight snack. Another great place to put a reminder is on your mirror. Your goals will be incredibly difficult to forget if you choose this useful option.
Have a Partner in Crime
Things are easy to quit when you’re the only one in the game. A lot of people get things done sooner and easier when they have a friend supporting them and trying to achieve the same goals. Both can help one another stay dedicated when one is feeling unenthusiastic about their New Year’s resolutions.
Check it Off Your List & Reward Yourself
Check off your goals as you finish them, this way at the end of the year you can view how much you have accomplished. Seeing those monthly check marks will also help you keep going all the way through the year. Once you have finished a goal, reward yourself for your commitment by going out with friends or splurging on a mini shopping spree.
One thing to always remember, it is okay if not all your goals are achieved, any that you do complete are still a great accomplishment. Some are better than none, so stay positive and encourage yourself each day to attain your resolutions the very best you can. A little bit of effort can go a long way!