New Year. New You. 2014 New Year's Resolutions!

With the New Year just in a couple of days, this is an opportunity for you to look back on 2013 and reflect. Promise yourself that 2014 will be the best year ever!

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Surprisingly, the idea of a resolution derived from the ancient Babylonians where, at the start of the year, people would return borrowed items, pay all their debts, and make promises to the Gods. Now, all over the world, people use the new year as a time to better themselves physically and emotionally.

Resolutions are personal. One should not make your resolutions unattainable or unrealistic. You can have one or many; it is ultimately up to you!

So, check out below a few resolution ideas for this 2014! 

  • Donate to a Charity: Do something nice for people who cannot or need help. Your donations can be monetary, but there are many organizations that need volunteers.
  • Get Into Shape: Running or walking some trails or joining a gym can get your body into a healthier state. Fit into that bikini or get rid of the gut so you can look and feel confident. 
  • Eat Healthier: Part of working out is eating right. Cutting back on greasy and sugary foods can help the weight loss process.
  • Get Your Money Under Control: Maybe you have credit card debt, a mortgage, or loans. Make a goal to help you save some money. Pay more than your monthly minimum payment. By paying more, you pay off the principal faster and save money.
  • Be More Social and Make a New Friend: Your social group is a great group, but you might want to try bringing more people into it. Try making a new friend at the coffee shop, online, or even from a local event
  • Forgive: Have you had an argument with someone? Holding a grudge? Take this time to step back and forgive. One should not allow negative feelings to continue having control over your emotions.
  • Try Some New Foods: There are a ton of great restaurants on Long Island. Be sure to not only enjoy the ones you love, but to try something new.
  • Be More Positive: Although life might be difficult at times, a positive attitude will help keep you upbeat and confident.

Remember, some resolutions will work out, but some might not. But, you should always know that the effort you make should not go unnoticed. Do you best and promise yourself that 2014 will be the best year ever!

What is your #1 New Year's Resolution? How will you make sure you have success? Tell us in the comments below!