10 One-of-a-Kind Winter Centerpieces


Not sure what to choose for your winter wedding centerpieces? Take a look at some of these cost efficient ideas that are ideal for your seasonal celebration!

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The decor at your wedding will make a large statement all while representing the theme you choose. If you’re interested in having a winter wonderland wedding, the festive decor and centerpieces will be the key elements to making your guests feel like they’re at a true winter celebration!
A great thing about centerpieces is that you may be able to put them together on your own which will help save money. You can also utilize outdoor elements to bring a natural touch to your wedding day! Check out these creative suggestions to assist you in putting together enchanting centerpieces for your big day:
1. Snow Globes
Snow globes represent winter and the holidays and they make for wonderful decor. Why not put them to use outside your home, too? Purchase some that you think would flow nicely with your theme or have your own made! Create a mini winter wonderland inside each one and complete it with a bride and groom. Or, fill it with a snowman groom and a snow woman bride! You can get quite creative with this centerpiece idea since you can have them made to your liking.

2. Tray of Ornaments
Ornaments make for beautiful decor on your Christmas tree, but you can use them in others places as well. Use a cake tray as your centerpiece and place some ornaments on top. You can switch it up a bit and use some glitter ones with others that go with your theme colors! Add ornaments in other sections of the party, such as on the food tables and at the seating card table, this way they all compliment one another and the theme flows throughout. 
3. Vase Full of Ornaments
Another impressive way to use ornaments is to place them in a vase or mason jar, depending on how large of a centerpiece you would like, and filling it up with water. This is a simple task and won’t cost much at all! The water will cause them to float around the vase and they will look great in photos, too. Dress up this centerpiece a bit more by adding some candles around the vase to illuminate the table and set a romantic mood. 
4. Branches
You may not think that branches could make a beautiful centerpiece, but they do! This suggestion is great for couples who are interested in having a large or tall arrangement at their tables. Decorate them with some glitter or fake snow to represent a winter wonderland theme and stick them in a vase or with some wintery flowers to complete the look! 
5. Mini Tree Stumps
Use some natural elements by gathering mini tree stumps to place in the center of the tables. You can create your own or you can purchase fake ones if it’s too much of a hassle. Use three different sizes, a large, medium and small stump and top them with desirable decor plus some fake snow to give them a frosty feel. Some toppers could include candles, flowers, or a mason jar filled with lights! This would look gorgeous all throughout the party and will light up the table a bit, too!
6. Gift Display
Wrap some different sized boxes in festive wrapping paper and use them as your centerpieces. All you need is some boxes, wrapping paper, ribbons and bows! Most of these items can be found at local dollar stores and boxes can be gathered throughout the planning process. Tell your friends to give you any that they have instead of throwing them out! This will make for a cost efficient centerpiece and its uniqueness will create a lasting impression on you and your guests. 
7. Mini Christmas Trees
If you would like to have more of a holiday theme on your big day, create a Christmas centerpiece that can later be used as decorations in your home! Set up mini trees at each table and decorate it the same way you would your tree at home. Light it up and place ornaments, candy canes and bows on it. If you want to add some more to the centerpiece, place a mini rug below the tree with a train set that circles it!
8. Pine Cones
Create a beautiful floral arrangement as your centerpiece and add some pine cones to it. This idea brings nature inside and will be easy on your wallet. If you aren’t able to find real pine cones, purchase a bunch at a craft store and mist them with a scented spray so your guests can smell the wintery outdoors at their tables! 
9. Frozen Flowers
Tell your florist to freeze flowers inside of an “ice globe” to create a chilly effect. Place the globe on a festive serving tray to catch any of the water and use flowers on the inside to match your wedding colors. This is a creative idea that still has a classic touch to it and it is sure to catch the eye of your guests as soon as they walk through the door! 
10. Frosted Wine Glasses
Wine glasses make for some beautiful centerpieces and can be turned upside down to be used as a sort of tray to place your desired items on. Frost the glasses so they give off a winter touch and top them with candles or mini presents. The part of the glass that you usually would drink from will act as a jar and can be filled with whatever you’d like! You could even put the candle on the inside and top it off with items that go perfectly with your theme.
Have a unique winter centerpiece idea you would like to share with us? Comment below!