Tips for Keeping Calm, Cool, & Collected This Holiday Season

The holidays can be a very stressful time but with these tips you can stay calm, cool and collected all the way through New Year’s!

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While we are currently in the most wonderful time of the year, this time of year can also get very stressful. From worrying about balancing your budget for holiday spending, to anticipating Winter weather conditions for holiday travel, there is a lot to think about and get done during the month of December. Seasonal Affective Disorder can also be a factor in the Wintertime. With so much going on it can be hard to stay calm and stress-free, but with these helpful tips you’ll be on your way to a much less stressful holiday season.

Go Out For a Walk or Hike. Get outside, take in some fresh air and walk it out! You’ll feel better and stronger after your walk, not to mention all of those endorphins afterwards boosting your mood! Long Island is home to many hiking trails, of varying lengths and difficulties, so you’ll have no problem finding one that’s right for you and your skill level.

Start Meditating. While many people recognize that after a while you physically need to give your body a rest, people don’t always realize that the same is true for your mind. During this time of year your mind will be racing with all of the gifts you still need to buy, anticipating the upcoming holiday family gatherings, worrying about balancing your budget, and more. Be sure to give your mind a break and give it a chance to clear out all of that chaos every once in a while.

Listen to an Online Soundscape Generator. Escape to another world by listening to a relaxing online soundscape or noise generator! Websites like have great soundscapes like Distant Thunder, In Utero, Rainy Riverbank, and plenty more, perfect for relaxing to. Plug in your headphones or simply turn up the volume to surround yourself with the soothing sounds.

Change Your Light Scheme. Seasonal Affective Disorder is triggered by low natural light levels so if you’re starting to feel down or extra stressed out during the winter months and holiday season it may be time to revamp your lighting situation. A quick fix would be just sending more time outside but in the Winter, with the daylight hours shorter, finding time to spend outside can be quite difficult. For situations like that you can also switch to using a bright light of over 2500 lux for a couple hours to brighten your mood.

Photo by Jamie Brelsford via Free Images