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Finding the Perfect Live Christmas Tree: Where to Buy & How to Pick the Perfect Pine

Brighten up your home with the sight and smell of a freshly cut Christmas tree this holiday season. Check out our guide to Long Island Christmas Tree shopping!

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Now that Thanksgiving is almost upon us, Christmas Trees are beginning to become available all over. This year, Thanksgiving and Christmas are incredibly close, and getting ready for both holidays can be a surreal experience for many, as it all blurs together in the whirlwind of preparation and decoration!
You might be enjoying some Christmas Tree Lightings this year, but nothing compares to your own tree in your home. 
Some families might decide to use their plastic trees, which are beautiful, but others might enjoy a real tree. Why? Because the plastic tree does not have the same feel or smell that a real tree has to offer.
There are a few steps you need to take before purchasing a tree:
  • Measure: Figure out where in your home you want to showcase your tree.
  • Picking a Healthy Tree: When you find a tree you like, shake it and see if the needles come off; if too many do, the tree is not healthy.
  • Trunk: There should be no curves in the trunk of the tree, so make sure it is straight.
  • Base: Should be six inches long; plan on cutting an inch off to make sure tree can absorb water.
Maintaining Your Christmas Tree
  • Water: Keep a the base of the tree in a bucket of water. The tree will absorb a lot of water, so check daily. Water prevents the tree from drying out and dying. 
  • Keep Away from Heat: Be sure you do not place your tree near radiators or heaters. This can be a potential fire hazard.
  • Keep Pets Away: Your pets might want to jump and climb the tree; this can be potentially dangerous for your pet or cause damage in your home. Note that many trees might be poisonous to pets as well.
  • Turn Off Lights: When you are not home or going to bed, be sure to turn off the lights on the tree. 
  • Don’t Overload Your Tree: Some trees can handle heavy ornaments while others cannot. Be sure to research tree species before buying.

Now that you know how to pick the right tree and maintain it, here are some great places where you can buy your trees this year:


What type of tree do you like to use? What is your favorite species of tree to buy? Share your thoughts in the comments below!