Fall Back! Daylight Savings Is This Sunday!


You know the saying, "Spring forward, fall back." That refers to how you change your clocks. We are getting an extra hour so here is why and how you can used that hour!

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Lucky for us, we will gain an hour Sunday morning do to Daylight Saving Time. The idea of Daylight Saving Time originated during the 1800s, and was supposedly the brain-child of Benjamin Franklin, although this is debated. But, in the 1900s it came to actuality to give people more sunlight after work or activities and some believed that it helped during the 1970s energy crisis.

Daylight Saving Time is different for each country, but here in the United States and on Long Island, we follow DST. So make sure you set your clocks back before going to bed. Luckily, your phones and computers will do it automatically. Unless you want to be one hour early to work...

Take advantage of gaining an hour back. Check out this list of activities you can take part in this DST:

What will you do with your extra hour here on Long Island?
Tell us in the comments below!