Tuesday's Top 10: Halloween Costume Stores


Now that we are in October, it is time to start thinking about Halloween costumes.

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What are your costume ideas?  The options for adults are endless.  The Super Hero blockbuster movies from this summer are a good choice.  Or do you want to party like a rock star?  Lady Gaga is quite inspiring.  How about the popular cartoons?  There are even costumes based on apps. Angry Birds is one of the biggest game franchises of all time. The latest edition of the game in costume form: Angry Birds Space!  From the demented mind of Sascha Baron Cohen, you'll be able to dress yourself as the world's most loveable tyrant in a Dictator costume.  With a presidential election, new tech gadgets, and pop culture icons staying within the news over the past year, expect there to be some interesting twists on classic costume ideas.

For the younger set, there are always princesses, cartoons, characters from books and television and of course witches, ghouls, ghosts and vampires.  Frankenstein's popularity has never gone away.  Put a pair of fangs in your mouth for an authentic vampire look.

Costumes are so much fun to wear.  Think about having a Halloween costume party to get to wear the costume an extra time.  Some towns have costume parades.  It is fun to try to see how many places you can wear the costume besides trick-or-treating.
Here are the Top 10 local costume stores:

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