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Hi everyone
Yes, I have returned with a brand spankin' new article. 'Bout time right? Hey, go easy on me, I'm only running 4 labor intensive (Is that redundant?) websites right now.


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Hi everyone

Yes, I have returned with a brand spankin' new article. 'Bout time right? Hey, go easy on me, I'm only running 4 labor intensive (Is that redundant?) websites right now.

You know, I put together Karaoke websites out of frustration. (Little did I know the frustration it would lead to!)

I created the sites because I wanted to know where and when we could sing and have it all in one place.p>The rare times that I was in a bar that gave out 'current' issues of "The Island Ear" was just not enough to keep me up to date on places offering karaoke. Don't get me wrong, it's a great paper, but I didn't find it often enough to keep me in tune, besides, not ALL karaoke bars advertise in there.

So, henceforth, I started these websites that are at times a joy and other times a 3,000 lb. anvil around my neck...

The sites are a


service. Plain and simple. Probably explains my wardrobe...plain and simple...

I am giving bars/restaurants free advertising for the sake of giving my fellow singers a place to do what they love to do. Giving someone who wants to sing, a resource to help them do it.

I am Excrutiatingly happy when someone sends me a New Place to list on Long Island! Have I ever mentioned that Long Island


more karaoke? Sure I have, ad nauseum..grrrr.

My only request is that if you have a place you would like to add...Please...please, have ALL of the information before you send it. I've been sent some crazy things. For example: "There is a place called Scabby Joes or Something like that that has karaoke, I Think it's on wednesdays, not sure and it is either in Bayville or somewhere near that. Not sure what time they start and I don't have the phone number either."((.....Help!)) You would not believe the time I used to spend Trying to track these places down, only to hit dead end after dead end. Then I would be sent: "Why didn't you list what I sent you?"


If you have a place to list, first of all,

Thank You!



tell me The Actual name of the place, it's physical address, phone # and time started. This ensures it Will get up there ASAP.

I love Karaoke and applaud the people who get up there to sing, but this gal is only human... Yes, it's true, I Really am! (Don't tell my boyfriend that, ok? ; )

If you go to my sites, you will find "The" Most current info I can get my grubby 'lil hands on. I respect my websites and the people who use them and try to keep it up to date for what they are searching for.

Tonight, for the first time, I checked where people were coming from to the LI site. (I also run one for NJ) It showed me the search words used to find Karaoke on LI. It was humbling, to say the least. There were hundreds. I Have made an impact...lil 'ol me! But it's wonderful to know that I am helping great folks who are searching for something that did


exist before these websites... And I am happy for that!

Keep singing, it may not get you on TV, but the applause will stay in your heart forever.

I would still LOVE to see some bar owners get in on Karaoke and at least TRY doing what they do in other states. Have the Karaoke start at 6 or 7 PM and go on through 10 PM and then have their live bands start.
It works out great and
no bar owner has Ever regretted doing it!

OK, that's it for this week, except, "Hey Nassau!


Till next time, keep singin', have a great time and do it intelligently.

Don't forget that you can access my websites for the listings of Karaoke on LI @

And for New Jersey
(where the karaoke Never ends!) @:


If you have any questions or comments, you can reach me at:

Have fun folks, that's what it's all about!
Bye for now, Sue : )

If you would like to visit another one of my websites that offers a Ton of Great websites to visit, check out:


You won't regret it...unless you're trying to spend Less time on the good ol' computer!