2013 Friday the 13th: Superstitions and Attractions


Not only is 13 an unlucky number, it is believed by many that the 13th day of a month that falls on a Friday is very unlucky. But, even with all the superstitions, Long Island ...

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It is Friday the 13th this week and there are many superstitions that revolved around the day. When the 13th day of the month lands on a Friday, many people believe the day to be very unlucky. The superstition stems back from the late 1800s, but no one truly knows the beginning of this superstition.
If you are afraid of Friday the 13th, then you have Friggatriskaidekaphobia. People with this phobia are known to not travel or even get out of bed because they fear the day so much.
If you have a phobia for this day, be sure to avoid the following:
  • Walking under ladders
  • Letting a black cat cross your path
  • Stepping on a crack. It can break your mother’s back.
  • Breaking a Mirror. That will be 7 years bad luck.
  • If you experience bad luck, except 2 more instances of bad luck because it comes in threes.
But, be sure to do the following if you are superstitious:
  • Have a four leaf clover or a rabbits foot.
  • Knock on wood.
  • Make a wish on a wishbone.
  • Find a penny with head side up and be sure to pick it up. It is suppose to give you luck.
  • Or, simply, cross your fingers
People like to associating Friday the 13th with Halloween, which is rapidly approaching. So, why not embrace the spookiness of the day and get into the halloween spirit at the same time. Check out the links below of some spooky related attributes on Long Island:
Not into anything spooky? Well, luckily there are festivals start on Friday that can distract you from this unlucky day.
Do you have any supersitions or do you know a good distraction from Friday the 13th? Leave a comment below with your ideas!