Creatively Cool Textbook Covers for Class

Protect your textbooks this year with these cool textbook covers!

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It seems like every year the kids go to school they have more and more books to lug around with them. Textbooks in particular, which are extremely heavy and always a necessary book to have for class. Because of how often they’re used it is important to keep your textbooks in prime condition. That way they remain usable for the rest of the school year and you can return them in the same condition they were given to you.

This year instead of letting your books go cover free, or covering them with the traditional plain brown paper bag, why not try something a little more creative! Use other materials to cover your books and personalize them to your preference. Craft stores are great places to start to look for ideas. They have tons of stickers and embellishments of every kind with which to decorate your textbook.

Now, before you run out to get your supplies, check out these creatively cool textbook cover ideas.

Traditional with Flair! If you want to go with the traditional brown paper bag use it but instead of leaving it bare add some flair by embellishing it with stickers. You can purchase alphabet stickers to write different words and phrases on the cover or find stickers that relate to the subject the textbooks about. That way you don’t even need to open the book to find out which subject it is.

Wrap It! Use wrapping paper instead of a boring ol’ brown bag to cover your textbook. You can wrap it up in pictures of your favorite brave Superheroes or pretty Disney princesses.
If you have time after all that homework, during the holidays you can even switch it out for seasonal holiday wrapping paper that only comes out that time of year. You’ll definitely be showing your holiday spirit!

Dress It Up! Pick out cool fabric patterns and use those to cover your books instead of paper. Your textbook will be nice, soft and stylish too. The fabric store may even have textiles depicting different sports teams. Now you can dress your book up and represent your #1 team at school!

How will your kids be decorating their textbooks this year? Let us know in the comments below!

Photo by Jordisoro via Free Images