Saying Goodbye to Summer in Style for Kids

The summer is winding down which means it is time to say goodbye to summer, in style!

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The dog days of summer are coming to an end. It’s time to get in those last few days at the beach, splash around at a water park, and spend some quality time outside soaking up the sunshine. There are also still plenty of fairs and festivals going on throughout the month of August and into September to jollily celebrate the end of summer.

With the time of year, the countdown to school starting up again is also fresh in kid’s minds. Thoughts of teachers, classes, textbooks, and homework are running rampant. Don’t let the impending school year put a damper on your end of summer activities! The kids may be busy getting ready for back-to-school, but there is still time to pencil in some end of summer fun.

On Long Island there are many activities and attractions geared specifically towards kids, many of them perfect for saying goodbye to summer in style.

  • Race your friends around the track while go-karting.
  • Fly through the trees at an aerial park on Long Island.

Looking to say goodbye to summer in style from home? Here are some fun ideas and activities to do right from the comfort of home.

  • Once it becomes dark, go outside and catch fireflies. Be gentle though and make sure to release them after you catch them.
  • Make a few bucks by opening up your own lemonade stand and selling thirst quenching drinks to the neighbors.

How do you plan on finishing off your summer in style?
Let us know in the comments below!