Space - The Final Frontier?

I'm a trekkie - I know what the "T" stands for in Captain James T. Kirk, I know where he was born and how he cheated his way through the Star Fleet Space Academy exam. ...

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I'm a trekkie - I know what the "T" stands for in Captain James T. Kirk, I know where he was born and how he cheated his way through the Star Fleet Space Academy exam. I know who was the first Captain of the Star Ship Enterprise (not Kirk!), the inspiration for my cell phone's Blue Tooth device and that my first cell phone (the Motorola Star Tac) was originally Kirk's crew's communicator.

I also know the Prime Directive that guided every mission and alien encounter: Starfleet's General Order #1, the most prominent guiding principle of the United Federation of Planets says there can be no interference with the internal affairs of other civilizations.

Do you know your "Prime Directive"?

Do you know the over-riding vision for your life that pulls you forward daily; one that helps guide your decisions and choices? Sometimes we get caught up in the obligations we take on (or, even more challenging - we're overwhelmed by responsibilities that seem to find us without our active choice) and we forget that all choices, actions and affiliations must be consistent with a personal big picture, our own "prime directive". If we forget the fundamental importance of honoring that personal commitment, the direction in which we want to take our life, the result tends to be a sense of going in circles, not feeling we're making progress, not getting closer to our own life purpose.

Small business clients frequently complain about this aspect of leading an enterprise: their business is taking them away from more personally fulfilling activities. I hear things like: "This place would fall apart without me" or "No one else will get it done like I can".

Whether this is, in fact, true is irrelevant in the face of believing that it is. And believing that it is may keep you traveling in small circles, a slave to a business (or other obligation) that may grow yet prevent you from enjoying the personal growth you seek, fulfilling your own 'prime directive' in the bigger picture of your life.

And so I'll ask again: do you know your own 'Prime Directive" - your vision for your life? When you do, the choices inherent in crafting a business, career or relationship are easier to make, clearer to follow and take you forward always, never in circles, never away from what's most personally meaningful. Take the time to consider your daily choices: are they consistent with the picture you have for your life? Will these activities help bring you closer to the vision that can irresistibly pull you forward daily?

If you haven't discovered the vision you have for your life, how will you know you're on the best possible path each day? There's no one around who'll yell out 'getting warmer!' to help pick directions. There's no one to whom you can say "set a course for my dreams, Mr. Sulu!"

There's you and there's the time you set aside to learn what's critically important to you, to acknowledge it and set your coordinates to get there. Because, while space is the final frontier, it's just not the space 'out there'. It's the space right here, within your heart and mind, where the greatest adventure is to be found. Need a guide?