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Part 1.Space...Attic & Basements

Hi, folks: I'm back to discuss some possibilities on creating more livable space in your home. Amongst the stock options, finishing basements & attics, these are the remodeling choices you may want to explore before ...

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Hi, folks:

I'm back to discuss some possibilities on creating more livable space in your home. Amongst the stock options, finishing basements & attics, these are the remodeling choices you may want to explore before going for the more costly remodeling modification, additions & extensions.

Vaulted ceilings and skylight can make an attic remodel more appealing. As you may well know attics tend to be very hot or cold depending on the season. You must also consider the heating and cooling factors involved. Proper insulation and ventilation is important when considering this type of remodel. When vaulting a ceiling, the insulation must be placed within the ceiling rafter prior to sheet rocking. Proper ventilation between the ceiling and the roof decking must be maintained to prevent dry rot and premature roof failure.
This is accomplished by the installation of a ridge vent, which is placed along the ridge of the roof which is to be insulated. A small vented strip should also be installed at the outer edge of the soffit to improve the transfer of excess heat between the roof and Insulation. Without this procedure many problems may occur, least of which are that many of the taped joints of your ceiling will tend to separate, causing cracks. Many of the screws may also pop, leaving dimples leading to sagging sheetrock in most cases.

Ok, so now you want to add a few new skylights to open up that new low-vaulted ceiling you're going to install properly. Let your contractor know beforehand, so as the roof can be framed accordingly . When installing skylights, it would be wise to install a new roof over at least the newly remodeled area. My favorite is 30-40 year architectural shingle. An astetic & durable roof is an important factor in any home, and who really wants to do it more than once? Not me. It's somewhat expensive and those bundles sure are heavy.

Enough with the roof already. Lets move on to windows. I like windows, pretty fancy windows even, don't you? They can get rather expensive, but they also add an exterior appeal to the home. Hence we can kill two birds with a single blow. Not to mention you can take advantage of the superior views that can be achieved from a high perch. Finding a place to put your new windows can become somewhat of a challenge. With a simple gable roof, you would have two walls on either end of your attic. Not much in the way of natural lighting and ventilation, but in some cases I guess it will have to do.

Doggie Dormers are a more costly option, but if placed appropriately they are a more aesthetically pleasing for the interior and exterior of the home, as well as taking advantage of certain venues. Who could resist passing a wide line cape with a new architectural roof, 2 doggie dormers, fancy windows, and add a cupola with a weather vain on the ridge and not say, 'isn't that cute?'

Now we must get back to the boring -- but necessary -- elements involving an attic remodel. Heating and electrical conditions must be dealt with. Optimally our best route for both is to get back to its source, the basement. This will increase your chances of being able to meet your heating and electrical requirements. Hopefully without upgrading the utilities, for once again that would add cost to our remodeling endeavors. Like our roof, these modifications are indeed primary concerns if deemed necessary. These upgrades will also be improvements that can be recouped, or at the very least will not be an issue if you decide to sell your home.

Ok time & space is getting close. Next time we'll finish up our "stock options" (attics & basements) and move on to the basement remodel. We may even discuss cost variations of our projects.
Cya Soon, Claude