History: Old Time Photos of Massapequa


We asked the Historical Society of the Massapequas to dig into their archives to find us some old-timey photos that showed the area as it used to be.

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Check out these eight old pictures from Massapequa from back in the day. Recognize any of these areas? All photos courtesy of the Historical Society of the Massapequas. There’s more where these came from. Go to the historical society’s website to find out more history and view photos from their collection.


All images courtesy of the Historical Society of the Massapequas.


Massapequa Zoo Monkey Mountain


Monkey Mountain: Built originally by Frank Buck to house monkeys this photo shows it years later when the Grimaldi family owned and operated it as the Massapequa Zoo. Shown in the photo are many of the Grimaldi family members.

First firehouse. Grand Avenue. Circa 1915


Two fire trucks are parked in the firehouse driveway, and there is a residential house that can be seen to its right. First Firehouse:  Was built by former Fire Chief Thomas Fraser to house motorized fire equipment. Prior to this building horse drawn equipment was housed in a barn.  The horses were brought in by the volunteers and hitched to the equipment. Today this is the site of the Massapequa Water District on Grand Avenue Massapequa. The rear part of the building is on the foundation of the firehouse and the building reflects the original design.

Massapequa Hotel. Ocean Avenue, Massapequa. 1890


Massapequa Manor. Lakeshore Blvd. (east of Massapequa Lake)


Killians Hotel (Hicksville Road and Sunrise Hwy)


Family owned and operated from 1868 to 1905.  Well known for hunting and fishing -- Massapequa was a sportsmen's paradise.  Many famous people including soon-to-be President Chester A. Afthur stayed here.  The Hotel faced the railroad long before Sunrise Highway was even thought of. It was torn down to make way for the water conduit designed to take drinking water from Long Island to the City of Brooklyn.  Today Sunrise Highway covers the site.

Massapequa Railroad Station. Sunrise Highway and Broadway. Circa 1900


Fitzmaurice Flying Field


Near Roosevelt Ave, Smith Street, and Spruce Street, Massapequa Park. 1930s. Located in Massapequa Park was marketed by Brady, Colleran, and Cryan as the first community airport in the country. Thousands attended the opening in 1929. The guest of honor was Col. James Fitzmaurice, a renowned aviator and pilot of the Bremen. The field operated until 1953 when the School District purchased the property for Hawthorne Elementary School. The 4M Club used the hanger building on Roosevelt Avenue for several years. The photo shows one of the hangers on the Spruce Street side. Today the site is occupied by the Nassau County Police Academy, John P. McKenna Elementary School and several houses

Massapequa Post Office and General Store


The same building and site as the Post & Rankin Post Office and General Store.  The photo is circa 1906, the Postmaster is Mr. Kilelee. He was Massapequa's first Postmaster.