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Long Island's Bachelor of the Month!

INTRODUCING: THE LONG ISLAND BACHELOR OF THE MONTH! Brought to you by Lauralyn "Lucky Strike" Avallone Ok, ladies, here's your's the end of summer and time to meet the match (a.k.a your "Lucky Strike") ...

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Brought to you by Lauralyn "Lucky Strike" Avallone

Ok, ladies, here's your's the end of summer and time to meet the match (a.k.a your "Lucky Strike") that you will Fall for (oh, that was awful, I know, forgive me). His name is Mike, he's an ex-Navy man (who doesn't love a man in uniform?), world traveled, works with kids (awww), has classic taste in music and loves the beach. What more can I say? Read on to learn more...sorry, no picture is available, but if you are interested, send me an e-mail with BACHELOR in the subject line and I'll hook you up!

Where are you originally from?

Where do you live now?
Suffolk County.

When were you in the Navy and where did you travel?
Ages 18-22, places- Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand,
UAE, Sicily, Baharain, Azore islands, I was stationed in

You're a teacher, what grade do you teach?
1st grade, I just love kids, how much kids look up
to you.

What's in your CD player right now?
Allman brothers greatest hits

What was the last movie that you saw?
DVD-Carlito's Way

Who are your favorite sports teams?
Jets, Mets, Islanders, Knicks.

What's your sign?

What are your favorite beaches?
Robert Moses and Long Beach.

What's your dream vacation?
African safari.

Name three things you've learned from relationships.
It's trying to make someone happy 100% of the
time, don't let your walls down too easy and be you!

What do you look for in a mate?
Someone that doesn't just want to sit around, who likes me for me and is fun!!!

Why won't you ask for a second date?
If a girl is into themselves or if they are rude or naggy.

Do you cook?
Yes, I cook everything. I have a fondue pot too.

What is your most memorable time with your family?
A trip to the Bahamas.

Sound like a catch? Don't stall...e-mail me right now with BACHELOR in the subject line! What is a singles expert if she can't at least ATTEMPT to be a matchmaker sometimes? My aim, after all, is to help readers with tips and inspiration while waiting to meet their mates. All advice comes from my 100% hard-earned experience of not only being single on Long Island, but other metropolis, too, like Seattle and Manhattan! Let me tell you, it's the same everywhere. Tough and tried, but it's true there is someone out there for everyone, even you. That cranky old neighbor. And me.

(Keep sending me your thoughts!)

On speed dating
"It's a quick and painless way to make first introductions and see if chemistry and interest for both parties warrants a deeper look. It also enables a far broader numeric chance to get through introductions and first impressions for single people looking to connect. My friend did say that everyone became a little punchy after an hour of their 'three minute rounds.' But, it showed something about participant's sense of humor or grace under pressure. All in all, she took it with its limitations to be a positive and worthwhile avenue to include in her mix of efforts to meet a mate."

"Enjoyed your article on Speed Dating and am considering attending one of
their events - so thanks for that!"

Single and Happy on Long Island
"Thank God we both feel secure and in control of our lives because there are thousands that have no clue!"

Single Expressions
"It's even harder meeting someone when they find out what I do."
--Blaine, an exotic dancer who was featured in Playgirl