Thank Your Librarian: April Holidays That Show Libraries Appreciation

Part of our taxes is funding our local libraries which provide use with not only books, but films, programs, and means of research. So, show some appreciation this month to your library!

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April is the month for various holidays related to your local library. National Library Day is April 13th-19th, Librarians' Day is April 16th, and School Librarians' Day is April 4th. Libraries are an important part of our community and deserve appreciation for how much they help the community and have advanced with our growing and changing society. 

Now that technology has advanced, many people believe that the libraries can be a bit out of date. On the contrary, libraries have been advancing just as quickly as technology, but many patrons are unaware of all that libraries have to offer.

Traditionally, libraries have been known for renting books and using the reference section for research for high school and college. This has not changed, but reference help does not stop at closing time. Electronic librarians are now available 24/7 for students who work better at night. In addition, databases are now available online that many libraries subscribe to. Students now have reliable articles and resources at the fingertips that are attainable by only entering their library card number.

Additionally, with you library card, you have access for free internet on their computers. This is not the only technology available at the library; many libraries will allow you to borrow Nooks, Kindles, or iPads. If you already have these devices, you can now borrow books on them as well. 

Aside from books and research, there are various programs provided for adults and children for free. These programs can be education, artsy, or physical, like an exercise class. Different libraries offer different programs and if you can't find one you like, ask and they might be able to create one for you library.

On Long Island, if you have a library card, you can borrow from all libraries on the island and take advantage of all programs offer. Just note that some libraries may have exceptions and give priority to resident patrons.

So, this month, be sure to check out the various events going on at your public libraries and be sure to visit your local public library. The list below is only a fraction of events taking place this week. Be sure to check out our events calendar for additional events.

March 31st

April 1st
April 2nd
April 3rd
April 4th
What is your favorite library activity? Any great librarians you would like to tell us about? Tell us in the comments below!
Photo credit: CCAC North Library / Foter / CC BY