10 Things Only Long Islanders Understand


Long Island has a very particular way of life that many out-of-towners won’t understand at first!

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1. We do not live IN Long Island

While everyone else lives “IN” an area, such as living “in” New Jersey, us Long Islanders live “ON” Long Island. This is the number one way to tell if someone lives “ON” Long Island or is from out of town.


2. Manhattan is just called “the city”

Every Long Islander will refer to the big apple as simply “the city” instead of saying New York City or Manhattan. No explanation is needed; referring to Manhattan as "the city" is more than enough.


3. Taking the LIRR may be faster than driving to the city

Driving to the city from Long Island can either be a breeze or be the longest hours of your life. During rush hour, the LIRR never fails to give you an easy, relaxing experience.


4. There are many alcoholic beverages on the LIRR

Especially on weekends or nights of concerts, the LIRR usually gets pretty full and many people like to crack a cold one on their way to see their favorite artist perform or for their night out. 


5. NEVER miss the drunk train home

Many Long Islanders like to go out into the city for a night of drinking and partying. While the LIRR makes it very easy for these people to get home, you absolutely do not want to miss the last train back. If you do miss the drunk train, you’ll find yourself waiting until the morning to get back to the sweet island. 


6. Long Island pizza is arguably the best

Photo by @eating_longisland

Everyone knows New York pizza is the best pizza you could ever find, but when people say New York, they are usually referring to the city. Long Island’s huge Italian population makes sure we have pizza that is just as great or even better than the pizza served in the city.


7. Long Island bagels are objectively the best

Photo by @lieats

Another famous NY food is the bagel. Although the city has some great bagels and delis, Long Island’s bagels beat the city’s bagels by far. No questions asked. If you disagree, you probably haven’t had a proper Long Island bagel, so go try one!


8. Half & Half is everything on LI

We don’t mean half & half creamer for your coffee. Instead, were talking about half iced tea mixed with half lemonade. This famous “Arnold Palmer” drink is a summertime favorite as well as during the rest of the year.


9. Billy Joel is more than just the “Piano Man” around here

Long Island native Billy Joel, from Hicksville, is famous worldwide. However, on LI he is a true icon. Long Islanders love to talk about Billy Joel being one of their own every time his song comes on the radio.


10. Long Island truly gets the best of both worlds

Long island has great pizza, even better bagels, gorgeous beaches, and is only a short train ride away from the city. We get to live in the comfort of the suburbs while being familiar with the city. There’s no place like home!