Lessons at Sea: Sailing, Swimming, Kayak, and Canoe Classes on Long Island


Explore the water by learning a new sport that can literally take you to new places!

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Water, water, everywhere… but do you know how to enjoy it to its maximum potential? Trips to the beach can be made infinitely more exciting by learning how to enjoy a seaside sport such as sailing, swimming, kayaking, and canoeing.  By learning new ways to travel in the ocean, Long Island Sound, or nearby rivers, you will be literally transported to new places, and get to explore parts of Long Island that are not often reached by others. Don’t think that being “too old” for classes can exclude you either – many of these locations offer lessons for children and adults alike. Lessons can then open the doors to joining tours of Long Island by water, which are especially fun to do with friends, or to simply meet new people.  Expand your horizons and try something new this summer with one of these great seaside classes!

Sailing Lessons:

Swimming Lessons:

Canoe and Kayak Lessons: