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by Nick Christophers As the world evolves in every facet imaginable and adapts to new technologies one DJ/Artist has played apart in it in a huge way. Dave Gadbois is as innovative as they come. ...

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by Nick Christophers

As the world evolves in every facet imaginable and adapts to new technologies one DJ/Artist has played apart in it in a huge way. Dave Gadbois is as innovative as they come. Raised only forty-five minutes from Chicago he was unfortunately outside of the heart of the city but his love for music and its energies drew him closer to it. He was raised with the sounds of WBMX and the Hot Mix 5 which encouraged him to tape all the shows on his cassette deck. His favorite DJ's back then were Mickey "Mixin" Oliver, Ralphi Rosario and Kenny "Jammin" Jason. Dave then soon realized the importance of developing good tracks by learning to create layers of sound. This he learned from one of his favorite composers Andrew Lloyd Weber. These small lessons became the stepping stone for his musical career.

At the tender age of thirteen he began DJing his first job which was at a monthly YMCA. From that point he spun at skating rinks and juice bars. Eventually he began spinning at local nightclubs when he hit his 18th birthday. It was at that point he wanted to do more than just play music but also produce music.

"I decided to start remixing and went to work for a remix service called Hot Tracks and then moved to a company out of Boston called X-Mix and worked for them for a number of years. During this time I was able to do mixes by artists like Ricky Martin, Jay-Z, and Celine Dion."

Dave Gadbois went onto develop some banging remixes. Some of them seem to stand out more than others. The first was a mix he did for Chris "The Greek" Panaghi called "Funky". He was working for Hot Tracks, a remix service, and heard a mix of it and wanted to do something else. Dave in turn contacted Chris and they both clicked and have developed a long lasting professional relationship. The next remix that propelled his career was "Stairway To Heaven" by Jana. This was a full production mix that he built from the ground up. That track catapulted to the top 5 spot on Billboard Dance Club Play Chart. But even better, Jana as an American Indian submitted the single to the Native American Music Awards which in the native community is equivalent to the Grammies and won song of the year which was the first time a crossover pop song had ever won that category.

It was at this time that Dave Gadbois felt the need to better express himself as an artist and created the moniker "Order Of Sound". His aspirations were to bring together a collective group of producers and vocalists who all would contribute to this new world order of innovative music. This new group of talented individuals became the Order Of Sound. As this group formed what transpired was an idea that Dave came up with late one night in the studio to re-produce the Kansas smash hit "Dust In The Wind" as a pure dance version. He found the artist, recorded the vocals, created the mix and then shopped the track as Amathus Music immediately signed the single.

Dave then went on to remix and collaborate even more with Long Island based label Amathus Music as his history with the label is extensive. He has had the pleasure of learning from Amathus Music President, Chris Panaghi. Dave admits that after knowing Chris for as long he has, he can honestly say that Chris Panaghi is one of the hardest working individuals out there. It's like winning the lottery, he explains, some do but most don't. Dave is the type of person that would not put his career in the hands of lady luck. He look's forward to his future with Amathus and would recommend them to anybody who is serious about getting into the business.

Dave has been hard at work and has recently worked with an industry icon, Claudja Barry on "I Will Stand" which peaked at #4 on Billboard Dance Club Play Chart.

"It was a true pleasure working with an artist of her quality and experience. I would ask Claudja to sing and she would hit it on the first time, every time. I think this project taught me about another aspect to the music industry, artist management. I learned that making great music means nothing if you can't get it into the right hands or to the right ears. Yeah, the internet can help you get the song out but you need management to successfully guide your career and introduce you to the people that still control the business.

"When it comes to the state of dance music, Dave paints it in a clean cut way. He believes that its currently at the stage of upheaval, a "house cleaning" if you will. The way the economy has been truly hurt the industry for those who did not invest it wisely in the past. It is now that a new group of people are stepping into the spotlight to create new sounds and a new energy.

"The time of the majors (labels) is over and independent labels will literally rule the world. I think we are now in a time where anyone can make it with the right guidance and that is why we are working as hard as we are."

Currently, Dave is doing a Sunday night mixshow slot on the widely popular internet dance radio station 24/7 Dance Radio ( as well as Amathus Mix ( which is Amathus Music's new syndicated radio show. He has just finished new remixes of "Invincible" by Linda O as well as "With You" by Matheos vs Chris "The Greek" and is also working on a few things that he can't let out just yet. Dave is always on the cusp of building something great and with Amathus Music as the driver, he is due to produce and release some hot music.