by Nick Christophers Kelita was born in the boogie down Bronx and raised in the uphill town of Yonkers. She was raised among a family that practically ate and slept music so it was no ...

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by Nick Christophers

Kelita was born in the boogie down Bronx and raised in the uphill town of Yonkers. She was raised among a family that practically ate and slept music so it was no wonder it would influence her. Her father being an evangelist harped on the beauty of music and the euphoria it brings. To her father music was a tool of worship. Eventually young Kelita would feed off that. At five years old she would take every opportunity to show off her talents to everyone.

"I was always singing along with my family. In high school I sang at plays and Christmas Shows. I always took every attempt to perform. I use to love singing Latin music which is my favorite."

Even before she crossed into the music world she was always around it. During the weekends she used to promote nightclubs all around town. This just led to her first career route, modeling. Being apart of the club circuit enabled her to meet many different individuals from all walks of life.

"I loved seeing people having a good time and enjoying the music for the right reasons."

When it came to which artists Kelita was influenced by they would have to be, Gloria Estefan and Selena. "I loved Gloria and Selena because their voices were so phenomenal. I use to always try my best to imitate them."

Kelita who never received any formal vocal training actually trained herself. During High School she would cut class just to go home and practice improving her voice. "I use to cut school so I could stay home and imitate Gloria Estefan. My father had microphones for his music and I would borrow them."

While working in the promotional end of clubs she would meet someone who would change her life. Michael Esterman a celebrity agent saw raw talent in Kelita and wanted to sign her to a representation deal. She soon began booking modeling gigs all around town. Her most memorable one was being a car show model at the Wyclef Jean Car Show at Nassau Coliseum. These ventures only lead to other doors opening for her.

From the Car Show she ended up being chosen for a layout on LL Cool J's car in Plush Magazine and Makes & Models. Then she had won a spot as a semi-finalist in the Maxim Hometown Hotties 2007 model competition.

"I was shocked about the magazine spread. I found out when a friend of mine called to tell me about it."

She then took a break from modeling only to be drawn back in by Michael Esterman. Esterman introduced Kelita to Maria DeMartino a top model who took her in after a trial period. The agency Maria runs is called "Maria's Angels". Maria then set up Kelita with Maxim Magazine and other top publications. Presently she has landed a photo shoot with FHM.

This led to her being introduced with Chris "The Greek" Panaghi. Chris is an established internationally known DJ, Producer, Remixer and songwriter who also realized the natural talent Kelita had. This was the beginning of her journey into the music industry. The first track she worked on with Chris was "I Like to Feel the Beat" which had garnered great feedback internationally from key DJ's and Radio Stations. Then recently she released "Feel the Drums" which had a more tribal sound then her past track. Her music is a culmination of a dance-pop sound along with edgy beats that give it that cutting edge feeling. Kelita is looking to expand on her musical career as she wants to possibly sing a Latin track.

"I would like to possibly release a track with more of a Latin flavor."

Kelita's music can be found on, and She is a gal full of determination a great personality with a sexy voice to boot. The beats will only keep on coming for Kelita!