Children Are Born Perfect - A New Paradigm

Of course we don't mean that they all look like Venus or Adonis, think like Einstein, are Olympic Champions, and have the spirit of Gandhi or Mother Teresa. But in fact, in the view of ...

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Of course we don't mean that they all look like Venus or Adonis, think like Einstein, are Olympic Champions, and have the spirit of Gandhi or Mother Teresa.

But in fact, in the view of The Continuum Theory, they are perfect - they are equipped with everything necessary to get the very best that life has to offer them.

They are equipped to realize their full potential, and have happiness and fulfillment along with it.

And this is exactly what all parents want for their children.

But it doesn't always turn out precisely that way.

What goes wrong?

And what can you as a parent do about it?

You are already giving your child everything you possibly can. Maybe both of you are working to provide a better life, more opportunities, more things.

The 'perfection' we talk about encompasses the following elements, all intrinsic to full development and happiness:

1) Awareness - every being is born into this world with full awareness - a baby knows exactly when he/she is hungry, tired, gaseous, wet, happy, not well, etc. - it is called self-awareness
2) Expression - every being is born with the ability and willingness to express exactly what they are experiencing - we know this by observing an infant as they constantly communicate their experiences - crying, gurgling, etc. - it is called self-expression
3) Ability to love unconditionally - every being is born with the ability to love him/herself unconditionally, as well as others. This can be observed by witnessing their willingness to communicate all their needs, and attempt to have these needs met, including giving love.
4) Mission or Purpose - every being is born with a innate knowledge of their mission or purpose - as a rose that knows how to become - and only needs nurturing to unfold its purpose.

When self-awareness, self-expression, unconditional love are functioning properly we have a happy being. Since we try to meet the early needs of infants and children, they are usually happy.

And we do this because this is the way we were parented.

It is when our response to a child's self-awareness and self-expression change from a place of unconditional love to conditional love, as it did when we were children, that their ability to be aware and express begin to be diminished.

As we learned ourselves, and as we now teach them, they learn what it is they can and cannot feel and can and cannot communicate in order to receive the love they need to get and to give.

When we send a child to stand in the corner, or some other form of punishment, and they come to us crying and want to put their arms around our neck, it is their way of expressing the fear that the source of love they know they need, like OXYGEN, will be cut of.

Since children live in the present moment, they don't understand that the NOW of not being loved, will be replaced in a short time with getting love again.

The Human Development Company has chosen The Continuum Theory as its child development model because it explains in the simplest of terms the dynamics of child development. Parents receive effective tools that will enable them to train without diminishing their child's self-awareness, self-expression, and ability to love or to heal it at any age.

Next article will deal with a tool that guarantees to nurture your child into a healthy happy adult.

Future article - will deal with the miracle of having a child - how parenting can produce transformation, growth and healing for the parents themselves.

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