Seaside Campsites - LI's Best Beach Campgrounds Featured in Tuesday's Top 10!

Long Island has many of great beach camping spots.

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Do you want to feel the sand between your toes or hear the call of a sea gull? Or the relaxing sound of waves crashing up on the seashore?  Camping on the beach can be a great alternative to mountains or parks.

The trick is to get back to basics. Make your own shade, swim if you get too hot, drink plenty of water and pitch your tent where you can feel the sea breeze.  The temperature near the water drops substantially at night, so even if it is very hot during the day, pack warmer clothes for night time. Be aware of tides and set up camp so that you have plenty of room between your site and the water. Nothing can ruin a camping experience faster then getting awakened by the tide entering your tent or washing away your belongings.  It is also important to have proper sand management. 

If you are a camping newbie, you might want to venture out into your backyard first.  All of the creature comforts will be just a few steps away.

Some campsites can be reserved online.  Here are some great beaches that offer camping:

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