Saturday's Top 10: Nearcations While Staying on our Island

Relax, decompress, enjoy...get away from it all...close to home.

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The latest trend in travel is the “nearcation."  Nearcation is a portmanteau of near and vacation.  This means "...enjoying a great break from daily life without going very far away."  Sounds wonderful, doesn't it? Not too much gasoline, reasonable amount of travel time, and a great time away from home. Yes, please!  It is a true "break" from home.  Locations across our Island, visitors can enjoy sea air, and a wide range of additional activities and attractions for fun in the sun or on the water.

You can probably get a better rate for your nearcation if you plan it for mid-week or plan for stays that are during “off peak” days. Most resorts are also much less crowded during these time periods. Many places will offer deals to locals.

The key to local vacations is to encourage yourself to look at your hometown with fresh eyes. This allows you to enjoy your nearcation to the fullest!  With just a little research and a thirst for adventure, you and your family can have a blast this summer while exploring local sights, sound, and flavor.

Here are some great options for a nearcation without leaving Long Island:





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