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Wednesday's Top 10: Street Fair Season

Main Streets are closed to traffic and come alive with festivals each weekend.

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June is the start to the island's summer festival/street fair season. The fairs feature live music, a variety of delicious food, street vendors, children's games and activities, and original art. Admission is free and attracts more than thousands of visitors each year. There are also chair massages, prize wheels to spin and lots of giveaways!  Each annual event is as unique as the neighborhood.  Most are sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce.  They are very popular with both the businesses and residents.  The lyrics to the song "Dancing in the Streets" say it all.  Summer's here and the time is right.  For dancing in the streets.

It is a great way to enjoy the beautiful weather with your family, including the dogs.  Some vendors have water bowls for the 4 legged fair-goers.  Social Media has also become part of these events.  People meet up, businesses have special prizes for those who interact with them online. 

Stroll down Main Street and enjoy these fun-filled fairs!

What is your favorite festival activity?  Let us know on's Forum.