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Helpful Tips for Opening Your Pool

It’s about time to start opening up those pools again! Here are a few helpful tips to get you in the water.

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Imagine putting on your bathing suit, walking out into your own backyard, and taking a nice, cool dip in your pool. What could possibly be more convenient on a hot summer day? As wonderful as skipping the public pool, and this whole scenario sounds, it does not always come quite so easy. Swimming pools are a huge investment of time, money, and upkeep. There are also varying types of swimming pools, in-ground pools, above ground swimming pools, heated pools, all of which call for their own specific pool maintenance procedures.

Now, if you’re someone who has a swimming pool of their own at home then you are already well aware of the efforts it takes to set up the pool for the warmer months. Opening up your pool can be quite a daunting and time-consuming task, but with a few helpful tips you can be on your way to wading in the water in no time.

  • Check your pool, supplies and parts before you begin the pool opening process. Look out for any leaks or damage that might have happened to the pool walls while it’s been closed. Make sure no parts (filter, pump, etc.) look too worn down or broken. If they are be sure to replace them.
  • It is also a good idea to clean your filter when you are closing the pool so that you don’t have to do it when you open the pool. Planning ahead can really save you some time and potential future frustration.
  • Before you even begin opening up the pool you should start by clearing off all of the debris and leaves that have accumulated while pool season has been out. By clearing off the pool cover and surrounding pool area at the beginning you’ll save yourself a lot of time skimming later.
  • Be sure to check your deck equipment for safety issues. Tighten any bolts on ladders, diving boards, hand rails, and slides. These preventative measures are essential to practicing pool safety this summer.
  • It’s also a good idea to trim any shrubbery near the pool that has become over grown. This will save you even more time later on when you’re not stuck cleaning up nearly as many fallen leaves and petals as you would have been.

If you're still having trouble opening your swimming pool don't worry, there are many swimming pool professionals available on Long Island to help you with all of your pool needs.

Do you have a pool of your own at home and some pool opening tips to share? Comment and let us know!

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