Dealing With Stress by Gary M. Spolansky

Everyone is concerned with stress and its effect upon the body, mind and well being of an individual. In the workplace, it is the most important concern for employers who know that their success or ...

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Everyone is concerned with stress and its effect upon the body, mind and well being of an individual. In the workplace, it is the most important concern for employers who know that their success or failure is heavily dependent upon the workforce effectively carrying out their duties in a productive manner. When an employee is overly stressed, this expectation is not able to be met as readily.

Generally speaking there are 2 personality types when discussing stress. There are the Type A personalities that seem to thrive on stress and enjoy the upliftment it gives and the Type B personalities tend not to have as high a comfort level for stress as Type A's. the Type B personality tends to feel the effects of stress more quickly.

When one considers the subject of stress it is best to break down the above into a more specific terminology. Eustress is the term that best supports the idea that a certain degree of stress is positive. It is the excitement of a new opportunity, assignment or adventure while Distress relates to the negative effects of stress beyond the degree of which it is Eustress. It's a thin line and one that is different for each individual. Although there may be some similarities between those who thrive on stress and those who do so to a lesser degree, it is never the less an unique experience response for each individual. Therefore, the question becomes how to tell when an individual has reached the point where Eustress becomes Distress and what can help that person return to the Eustress state.

Most stress management workshops and presentations suggest a superficial approach to stress reduction that focuses attention from a mental prospective. This works well for those individual's who can maintain the mental discipline necessary to effectively change their behavior. Unfortunately, these people are not in the majority and their difficult with this type of approach can be significantly influenced by the degree of overwhelm the individual is experiencing.

We have found that the only real way to release stress that is effective and long lasting is to get at the root cause. This means circumventing the mind to some degree and working with the subconscious energy that forms the issues that are causing the distress. It has been said that stress comes not from the environment but rather from an individual's reaction to the environment. This is so because the root of stress often comes from a time in early in childhood or while growing up that has become a stuck or fixed pattern in a person's psyche. The effect is can be compared to a looped tape playing the same program over and over again. Though the person has grown up and usually gained sufficient experience along the way to circumvent the cause, the same tape is still there. Only by bringing a conscious awareness into this tape, this source experience, can the experience be released an the behavior changed. This is not as hard as it might seem. Very often the releasing of these issues can be accomplished through simple exercises designed to bring the mind and the body into alignment. When this occurs, relief and growth are often apparent immediately or very shortly thereafter.

As the workplace becomes even more technically oriented, the need to help each employee fulfill their potential becomes even more necessary. We simply can't afford to turn a blind eye to the problem hoping it will go away.

The exercises we offer seek to get away from the mental approach so often utilized, bypassing the conscious mind and focusing more fully upon the subconscious and the Higher Self. The Higher Self is that part of us that is more aware and focused than who we usually are in our day to day lives. We have all experienced this concept. Think of a time when you were in a situation where you knew without a doubt what to say, what to do or even how a situation would play out even if you didn't have a specific experience to call upon for reference. This sense of certainty is what is meant by the concept of the Higher Self. We become the Higher Self when we acknowledge that aspect of our selves and consciously incorporate it into our experience. This concept when practiced consistently, can help us move quickly past the trauma's and fears of our past.

The old adage that one needs to "pick themselves up by their bootstraps" in order to grow and move forward is true, but when fear is present and make no mistake, fear is at the heart of all stress, the fear must be released in order to move ahead. The degree to which an individual will move ahead is directly proportional to the amount of fear released. As that fear is released and subsequently replaced by a new sense of peace, confidence grows. This confidence then makes it possible for the individual to take on new experiences and challenges producing a happier and more fulfilled individual and/or employee.

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