A Lilliputian Solution to Power Hungry Electronics


A young company has developed a means to keep portable devices charged on the go.

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Laptops, smartphones, tablets, MP3 players, digital cameras... there is no shortage of portable electronics that we find ourselves carrying around to keep  entertained and connected to others. While increased cross-functionality among the devices may limit the number of items you need to keep in your pocket to take a picture, share it on Facebook, call your friends to ask them to look at it, and listen to the new band they told you to check out when you called, it doesn’t do anything to keep those devices powered on. In fact, browsing the web, talking to your friends, and answering that e-mail your boss sent you all from one device is going to put quite a strain on its battery and your ability to stay connected all day without having to physically connect to an electrical outlet.

This is where upstart Lilliputian Systems shows off its ingenuity. Recognizing a need to keep phones and other electronics powered up, the young company has pioneered a patented Silicone Power Cell with replaceable, recyclable fuel cartridges. As the company’s name would imply, the cell provides a compact, convenient emergency power source for easy transport. It will come with standard USB connections to maintain compatibility with a plethora of mobile electronics, keeping the lights on even when there is no access or time available for more conventional recharging methods.

Using butane filled-cartridges (the same fuel that fills cigarette lighters), Lilliputian System’s first venture into the portable market stands to recharge the average smartphone fourteen times before needing a refill. When the power has been drained, a fresh container can be popped in so you can keep your device going even longer without a standard wall charger. The old butane holder is recyclable, and each one produces a carbon footprint six times smaller than plugging into a wall would.

Frequent fliers will be happy to know this handy little reenergizer of electronics has already received approval from the Us Department of Transportation for carry-on, making it all the easier to stay connected during those long layovers at the airport. In partnership with Brookstone stores, it will even be available for purchase at many such airports. Though this innovative fuel cell is not yet available for purchase, an official announcement from Lilliputian Systems and Brookstone is expected to follow in the coming months.


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