LI’s Adorable Adoptable Pets: Rescued from the Ring, Tilly Looks for the Quiet Life

Tilly was found laying in a pool of her own blood by a backyard dog fighting ring. Fortunately, she was rescued, and after extensive surgeries, she is ready to be adopted into a family that ...

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Tilly is a pit bull mix who was rescued from one of the worst fates imaginable for the breed: being forced to fight for people’s entertainment.  Tilly was rescued from a backyard dog fighting ring, where she had been left in a pool of blood to die.  As a result, Tilly has had to go through extensive medical treatment, and now has a great deal of scarring on her face and her tongue, which had to be stitched back together, but the staff at Save-a-Pet Animal Rescue and Adoption Center are hoping that her new owner can see past the scars to her beautiful personality.

Today, Tilly enjoys the quiet life, and she loves sniffing around the garden at Save-a-Pet.  Tilly always wags her tail at the sound of a person’s voice, as she loves the attention. Please show Tilly the warm loving home that she has never had.

Till is up-to-date with all of her routine vaccinations.

If you are interested in adopting Tilly or another dog or cat at Save-a-Pet Animal Rescue, call (631) 473-6333, or fill out their online application.

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