UPDATE: Bringing Awareness to Animal Welfare


Little is known to the general public of the goings on in the world of animal rescue. It is not the face we see, when we contemplate getting a family pet.

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UPDATE 2012- Bringing Awareness to Animal Welfare

 Little is known to the general public of the goings on in the world of animal rescue. It is not the face we see, when we contemplate getting a family pet. However, there is much going on beneath the surface of the warm, fuzzy exterior that we all are so used to seeing and thinking of. Long Island has issues. Everywhere has issues. Animals have no basic dignifying rights. They are property. So, since they are property, they do not have any laws that are sufficient for a living entity, protecting them. There is documented proof that there are thousands of in need dogs chained out side 365 days a year without the basic necessities of life. By this, I mean water, shelter and food. Not to mention if the animal accidentally or even intentionally, is injured. They most likely would not receive medical attention.

There are many organizations to advocate for humans in need of food pantry aid or financial aid, but where is the voice for the voiceless domestic family pets? There is a rescue group on Long Island that makes it one of their missions to help these pets in need. That group is RSVP Animal Rescue Group (Responsible Solutions for Valued Pets). There are other rescue groups on Long Island and many get more attention than RSVP. However, RSVP is their “go to” help when they are in need. RSVP is up to their eyeballs in abandoned, unwanted, neglected and abused animals. We all wonder where the aid by law enforcement is over these matters. There is no law enforcement, because of the legal description of what a pet is. And then there is RSVP. They will make the call to ASPCA. They will advocate at town meetings for the shelter animals. We as animal lovers, owners and friends need the public outcry about these issues. RSVP needs your help. They need volunteers to foster, adopt, and spread a word. Anything you do is more than nothing.

In 2012, RSVP is hosting and participating in a number of pro-pet events across Long Island. Please go to one of these events and see what they are about. Meet some of the adoptable pets. Pick up some information that you might want to share with a fellow animal lover and feel the love that RSVP puts into the mission for innocent animals that deserve so much more than the life they have now. These sweet pets are alive through no action of their own. Many are the handy work of unscrupulous breeders who want nothing more than profit. If you are passionate about this situation or would like to help, in any way that you feel comfortable, please contact this street- savvy organization that advocates for those who cannot speak for themselves. Tell a friend. Those who may wish to contact RSVP can call 631-728-3524 or email RSVP rsvpinc@rsvpinc.org . To keep up with adoption and fundraising events you can “LIKE” RSVP’s facebook page or visit the website -   http://www.rsvpinc.org