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What is the Perfect Color for Your Wedding?

Trying to pick out a color theme? Check out what each color represents!

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One of the hardest decisions that a bride has to make, unless she’s had it planned since high school, is the color scheme of her wedding. It takes a lot of thought to pick out that perfect color that will be in your wedding pictures forever and really set the tone for the day. To give all you prospective brides some insight on what each color could possibly represent here are a list of some of the most popular wedding colors and what they traditionally mean. Knowing everything there is to know about a color could make you more comfortable about the color that you’ve chosen or help you make your decision!

Red: Red is the traditional color of love and passion. Choosing this color will show your guests the energy behind your partnership and the devotion that you feel towards each other. It is the ideal color for summer, fall, and winter weddings and can be paired with monotone colors for an elegant look or brighter hues for a more playful theme! A deep red sash across the dress also is a popular look!

Blue: Blue traditionally represents peace and tranquility. This is the perfect color for the toned down couple, especially if you’re having a smaller ceremony. This is a great color for spring and summer weddings, if you go for more of a navy tone you can even do winter. Navy is perfect for the nautical/yacht theme where a lighter blue is perfect for a beach or flowery theme!

Green: Green represents growth, new life, and positive energy. It is the perfect tone for an eco-friendly wedding or a spring wedding. If you go for a more forest green it is also a great color for a rustic fall or winter wedding. It can pair with either bright colors or toned down colors. For the couple who sees their wedding as a fresh new start in life then this is the perfect color for you!

Purple: Depending on the color of purple that you go for, the hue can mean different things. A deep purple is the traditional color of royalty and the higher class. If you’re looking to have a sophisticated wedding, showing off your dignified side then this is a great color. It is also great for a couple that pride themselves on their trust in each other. Lavender is a lighter shade of purple though that is very dainty and soft. This is the perfect hue for a spring wedding, especially in a garden setting.

Yellow: Yellow will always be the traditional color of happiness. This is the perfect hue for the couple that radiates joy and who wants their wedding day to reflect that. The perfect color for spring and summer, this is an extremely versatile color. It pairs with most other colors and if paired with black, can be extremely classy! If you’re looking for a color that is 100%, this is the color for you.

Black: Black is the traditional color of class.  It is extremely trendy and sophisticated and perfect for the couple that is serious about graphics and design. When paired with a white hue it completes the black tie affair look. This is a great winter color.