How Does Your Garden Grow? Preparing Your Garden for Spring

Now that we are entering Spring, it is time to think about your gardens and prepare them for the season.

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Nothing defines Spring like a garden. Gardens are not only flowers, but vegetables and herb gardens are other options that you can plant for this Spring. Flower bring color to your home, vegetables give you an alternative to grocery produce, and herbs can add flavor to meals without the expensive cost. So, there are many benefits to gardening!

One cannot just put seeds into the ground and expect something to grow. There is a process that one must follow to be successful in gardening. On Long Island, we are not able to grow the same flowers or vegetables as in other parts of the country.

WikiHow breaks down the process of gardening and if you follow these steps you can be successful. But, do not be discouraged if your garden does not grow; it takes time and practice to get your garden to be perfect!

  • Decide What You Want to Grow: Flowers, vegetables, and herbs need different type of care, so be sure you decide what you want to grow.
  • See What Can Grow in Your Area: Long Island can only handle so many different types of plant life. Checking out a local nursery might help with what you can grow.
  • Location and Design: You are going to need to design your garden, so you should pick a location that gets plenty of light. 
  • Have the Tools: In addition to seeds and plants from a nursery, be sure to have fertilizer, top soil, shovels, and watering hoses among other important tools.
  • Test and Prepare the Soil: You will have to test the soil to see if it can handle plants, if not, you will need to buy soil so your plants can grow. Be sure to follow all directions on the amount of soil and fertilizer as to prevent an issue in the growing process.
  • Plant the Seeds and Maintain: You will plant to seeds according to their directions and you will begin the maintaining the process. Watering and weeding will need to be done to insure growth.

So, start a garden at your home and grow something beautiful or delicious.

Do you have a garden? How do you maintain it? Any special tips? Tell us in the comments below.

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